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It seems as if the moment you hear those words DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENT, your mind goes in to panic mode which is normally the natural response. LET'S CHANGE THOSE THOUGHTS. One take away from my breast cancer journey is sometimes your thought process can determine your daily outcome. What I mean by that is that if you are always concentration on the diagnosis you will not live daily. Your concentration will be on your next doctor's appointment when it should be on self care. What can I do take the stress out of my day, how can I change my mindset to become more positive. However if your mind still wonders to that Dr. Appointments, think of ways to make it a positive. Try to find someone to take with you to your doctor's appointment either physically or via phone. It makes the wait bearable when you have some company with you, the person doesn't even have to say anything just being there is enough. If no one is available to go with you, take a good book with you to read and make reading this book (or any book you like)your doctor's appointment tradition. Also Remember that God our Heavenly Father (or The God you put your trust in) is always with you.

If you need assistance during your journey please contact the Covington Cancer Foundation.


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