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What We Fight For

Our Mission, Our Purpose, Our Story

The Covington Cancer Foundation is a new initiative focused on the patient as a person rather than as a diagnosis.

Our Mission- To intimately connect with breast cancer patients, their loved ones, family and friends and let them know they are not alone, they are more than their diagnosis, and there are individuals that genuinely care.  

 Our Purpose: To provide resources and support services to breast cancer patients and their loved ones to ease the burden of cancer and promote wellness, healing and positivity on a mental, spiritual, and physical level.

Our Goal: To help alleviate the hardships faced by the people who need it the most. We get closer to this goal through our integrated efforts by way of charitable goods and services, spiritual and counseling resources, emotional & community support and positive interactions, social groups, and applicable forums. 

Want to get involved? Find out more by subscribing, using the contact form or send us an email or donation inquiry. 

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About: Mission


Founder, Breast Cancer Warrior

After losing her grandmother to pancreatic cancer in 1999 and later her mother to breast cancer in 2008, Yulander decided to take an active role in cancer awareness. In addition to her role as Chief Executive Officer of the Covington Cancer foundation, Yulander is currently a licensed insurance producer. She enjoys spending time with her four children aged 18, 23, 29 and 31 and her only grandchild Marley. 

While working towards obtaining her Rehabilitation Counseling and Administration Ph.D. she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020 at the same age her mother Joyce received her diagnosis. This foundation was born from a recognized need for faith-based emotional support for cancer patients with an emphasis on breast cancer diagnoses.

About: Meet the Team

Say Hello to Our Staff

Meet the People Behind the Work


Brian Covington 

Vice President / Senior Program Director

Brian Covington has worked in the private sector for many years and served as a consultant for the Covington Cancer Foundation's media outreach since the inception.

Brian has worked diligently to increase awareness in the African American community for both Breast Cancer and Prostrate Cancer. Brian has truly been a significant part of our fundraising and care package programs.  


Octavia Covington

Chairperson / Procurement & Acquisitions Officer / Volunteer Treasurer 

O.Simone Williams-Covington has served the North Carolina community as an educator, wife and mother. Octavia is a graduate of Lynchburg University and enjoys spending time with her two dogs Max and Storm. She and her husband Brian are also first time parents to a very active and super cute 1 yr old. 

In addition to managing a national restaurant's local chain, Octavia is an advocate and supporter of breast cancer research, patient treatment advancements and autism awareness.


Shirley F. Blount 

Prayer & Emotional Support Director 

Shirley Fitzgerald Blount is personable and detail-oriented and a believer in Jesus Christ is the sinless son of God, who paid the price for our sins. An experienced prayer warrior and current member of New Galilee Missionary Baptist church, she recently suffered the loss of her best friend to cancer. Since then Shirley has campaigned to share the importance of mammograms, breast self-checks and breast health.

Shirley has been an educator in the Virginia schools systems at both juvenile and collegiate level. Shirley has dedicated her life to the scriptures. She feels this enables her/mankind to apply the word to daily living and be an effectual servant of Christ, in spirit, mind, body, soul, and truth.

Having served her community faithfully for over 30 years we are so blessed to have such a wonderful and compassionate person on our staff.


Tiffany Covington

Chairperson / Volunteer Coordinator

Tiffany Covington has been a truly valued member of the Covington Cancer Foundation family since inception. Tiffany has worked in the North Carolina school systems for over 12 years assisting  underserved populations. She is also the proud mother of a graduating UNCC student.

Tiffany is an avid supporter of breast cancer awareness and volunteers with the foundation to organize fundraisers and promote new programs for our staff, members, and volunteers.


Veronica Hines


Veronica Hines has been a truly valued member of the Covington Cancer Foundation family since before the official inception of 2021. Veronica organizes inventory, answers the phones, and promotes new ideas for care packages, and volunteer projects. Veronica is our unsung hero working diligently behind the scenes.

About: Meet the Team
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