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How Can We HELP You?

At Covington Cancer Foundation, we are dedicated to helping our community in many ways. As a new charitable organization in North Carolina since 2021, we have been behind the scenes championing for awareness regarding  breast cancer patients and the need for treatment not just for the disease but also for the whole person. We believe in balance and that you can't just treat the body without also treating the mind, soul and spirit.

Learn more about our programs below and see how we can make a difference in your life or someone you love that is going though a breast cancer diagnosis regardless of stage. Also be sure to visit the events page for upcoming events! Please search for us as a charity option on and other fine retailers.

Group of Women

Join our Support Groups!

Virtual weekly and monthly meetings to help you connect with others going through breast cancer.

We have multiple ways for you to stay in touch including our sound off forum, mobile app, blogs and upcoming newsletter!

So get in touch today and let us know how you are staying uplifted and positive while you or your loved ones are beating cancer.

Study group

Do you need prayer?

Some spiritual guidance?

Desire to join a Christian ministry and or get saved?

Are you having a difficult time coming to term with your diagnosis?  

May be you just need some grief counseling?

Volunteers Packing Food

Care Packages & Gifts

Programs: Programs
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