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The Moments Cancer Can't Steal From You

Inspired by Jasmine Covington

I saw this quote and thought about how we spend so much time worrying about tomorrow that we never really take the time to appreciate the metaphorical "Today".

I mean of course today you might be hurting, in pain , in treatment or recovering but who wants to think about the right now in right now? I mean why think about being happy at a time when all you feel is confusion, sorrow or regret. Why give thanks or be thankful when you have treatments and possibly more surgery or that foreboding long and arduous road to recovery ahead of you? Why even for a moment would you consider all that you have been through or will even encounter as a triumph? Why consider this journey a race well earned and won? Nobody wants to be sick or even receive a diagnosis that includes the word cancer. Do people really consider themselves fortunate to have a possible death sentence? The answer is YES! Yes, you can be fortunate to have lived past your diagnosis and come to a place of personal peace. No journey is the same but the pain, hurt, and recovery may be eerily similar. That doesn't mean you can't stop and be grateful for the moment you are in. Allowing yourself to acknowledge your circumstance without giving in to them is powerful. Don't grieve over your past, embrace this new future however bleak and dire it may seem. This future is yours now so own it and have an impact on it while you can. Waking up and being able to breathe, give thanks. Laying down, eating food, spending time with your family and or your friends, give thanks. Seeing new faces, making it one more day, having a moment to yourself are all instances worthy of our gratitude. You deserve PEACE, so for TODAY just be happy cancer can't steal this moment from you and simply smile or whatever it is you do with your face :).

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